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    1099 R form
    What is MD State/Payer’s state number?

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My husband and I had our home foreclosed on this year. We received a 1099-A form. I have researched this so much I don't know what to think and am looking for some help. The# 2 box and the # 4 box have the same amount. Does anyone know is the FMV what the house sold for? What do I have to claim?...

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Please help! There are conflicting answers even within this forum. I have received a 1099-A for a home I foreclosed on in 2008. On my 1099-A Box 2: Principle Outstanding balance is less that Box 4: FMV. Here is what I would like clarity on please: 1. How do I handle or What form do I use...

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How do I file my taxes with out a 1099 form? How can I get one? Thank you

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Greetings. I'm hoping I can get some help on what to do with a 1099-MISC form I received from my employer that were for business expense reimbursements. I have read through some questions and answers already and based on them I'm going to file this as a Form 2106. The question is should I...

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