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    Mar 6, 2008, 04:42 PM
    URGENT - h4 visa to f1 visa and OPT gap issue
    I am currently in New York on an H4 visa. I have just been admitted to XXXX Univ for my MBA which starts in may 2008.I want to pursue the MBA on an F1 visa for which I have not yet applied, but will be doing so by the ed of march 2008 .Is it too late to apply for the visa change if there is only 2 months left before the start of the course? Also, my MBA is a 1 year course, my pre requisites have been waived off because my bachelors were in Business management. Will I be eligible for the OPT after a 1 year course on the F1 status? My primary concern is this: will my status be considered as F1 from the day I apply for visa change (end mar 2008 )/ from the day I join school (may 2008) / or from the day I receive the F1 visa (which could be about 2 months after school starts). Will I have to apply for my OPT 12 months after I apply for F1 / start school / receive F1? This is important because if my F1 status is considered from the day I receive the F1 visa, 2 months after school starts, then I can't apply for the OPT before the end of the 4th quarter of MBA (that will be 10 months after I receive the F1). In this case I will have to do one extra quarter of 3 months course work in order to complete 12 months as required for OPT. On the other hand if I am considered on F1 status from the time I apply / start school, then I can apply for my OPT before the end of the 4th quarter.

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