Hi my friend has come to USA to pursue his Masters from some University in Kentucky, then he heard about another University in New Jersey and he took transfer, later this University was found to be suspicious with the records and they closed down there branch in New Jersey. He being an initial student, did not register with this University. Some of his other friends suggested to join another University instead in California. This time he is guided by experienced student. Now he applied for a transfer from New Jersey University to the one in CA. But the University replied that they don't have any option to transfer initial student as he has not registered with them. The only solution found was to go back to the old school and then transfer forward to CA.
He then applied to transfer back to old school that is his University of Kentucky. But the University of New Jersey is not replying and delaying his Sevis transfer.
During all this process, he spent 30 days, probably as mentioned on the website, the flag will be raised against his sevis if he does not register and he may be out of status too...
Please advice what can be done, the only option what he is looking at is to register a complain with Sevis Help Desk. Will Sevis take this positively and help student out of the mess? Please suggest the way forward.