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    Nov 17, 2010, 02:24 PM
    How much is my used 1928 2 cent us stamp worth?
    My grandpa saved all these used 1928 2cent us stamps. Are they worth anything?

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Series of 1928 A There is a "G" to the left of the series of 1928 A The seal is "blue" Plate number - G 44 Secretary A.W.Mellon Treasurer of the United States Walter Orr Woods (n.o.n... ) or something I'm not from U.S. Thanks in advance.

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1928 Series G, two dollar bill, with red star and red serial number. Snyder and Clarke signatures. Also have a 1953 Series A two dollar bill, with red star and red serial number. Anderson and Priert(?) signatures.

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Hi, I have a $1 Silver Certificate from series 1928 A. The signatures on it are A. W. Melon Secretary of Treasury and the other one I can't completely make out, but it is either N.O.M or N.O.N, maybe N.O.Moody? As Treasurer. The serial number and seal are blue and the serial number is...

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I have a 1928 g series 2 dollar bill without the star in front of the serial number it has a little tape on it and a small tear how much is it worth?

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