Ok a few days ago my little sister started playing some games online and didn't pay attention t her though. When I got on the computer it was freezing. Now its been like this for two weeks there are many pop-ups of advertisements like redCure, shop or stop zilla and etc never seen in that in my life. I can't go on YouTube or watch movies like before because it says your javascript is off and I enabled it like a million times and nothing and I never had this problem before either. Also pop ups of spyware come up and say your computer is infected or has severe problems. When I go in my e-mail account it says can't retrieve any mail now and I also never had this problem before. This crap is getting me tired and headache that I don't know what to do. I want to buy norton antivirus but if I do I don't know how to use it. If I buy it will it install on my computer right away? Or will it come by mail to my house? Does it take the virus off my computer and will it go back to normal? Im computer stupid so please help me and explain everything slow to me. Please help asap because I'm tired of this crap. Thank you!!