I have a 12 month old custom built computer and I am wondering about an adserver and adserver plus popup window that opens about 10-30 seconds after I open Firefox. This has just recently started about a week or 2 ago. On my computer I have always had mcafee and ad-aware se personal on my computer. But I have been looking everywhere for a solution to this problem and so far I have used programs such as windows defender,AVG,spybot,eradex,webroot, cw shredder, spy sweeper, spy blaster, popup stopper , hijackthis and about 10 others which have not been able to fix the problem or have not been able to pick it up on my system. On some that I have tried like 'spyware begone' have picked up some tracking cookies that I have believed to be what it is, but this program requires payment in order to remove the spyware or tracking cookie. I have also tried adblock plus and filterset addons for Firefox.so I guess my real question is "Are there any totally free downloadable programs out there on the web that can destroy such popups and or spyware called http://ad.adserverplus.com/??

I know that there must be someone else out there that has had the same or similar problem.

Thanks for even reading this stupid thread