I hope people don't feel I am a bad person for sharing this.
I was wondering has anyone ever seen one or both things before. If anyone has seen one or both things before I was wondering what could cause the following to show up. I hope the computer I am usinig won't need to be reloaded or a new computer bought. I have tried clicking on heal for both things, but when I do it says the object was successfully healed and that the computer needs to restarted. Even after I restart the computer I keep getting the following over and over again. Does anyone know how I can get rid of these two things from the computer? If I try to remove these things to the vault it gives me a message about something might not work right or something like that so I don't move it to the vault.

I noticed that each time the info from the previous post happens it will add it to the virus vault the AVG program has once I try to heal the problems. Than when I scan the computer again after restarting the computer it will still say there are threats the AVG program found and than it will say it has healed the threats, but when I scan it again it shows the same threats again. What could be causing this? Someone said the messages I keep getting may not really be viruses anymore. It could be just a warning message. I wonder if that is so. No matter what the messages are trying to say I hope someone knows how I can stop the messages from showing up if there really are no viruses in the computer I am using after the AVG saying the items have been healed.

I noticed if I try to open a new browser page the messages from the images I shared show up. What I mean is if I open 3 browser pages the messages all show up 3 times. Than while I am doing something online I get the message every 5-10 minutes. Again I wonder why this is happening. I did notice that on Monday this same thing was happening, but when I saw that some toolbar program was on the computer this started to happen. I wonder if the toolbar could have had a viruse in it to cause this to happen. If so I thought deleting the toolbar program would solve the problem, but it didn't.