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    May 24, 2016, 02:38 PM
    Read xml in array
    I have a xml file created by the application:
    <Post>PC 21000 Split</Post>
    <For>21276 Vrgorac</For>
    <Items>Registered mail|RR444444444RS|
    Registered mail|RR555555555RS|
    Registered mail|RR666666666RS|
    Registered mail|RR777777777RS|
    EMS mail|EE888888888RS|
    EMS mail|EE999999999RS|
    What I need is: in excel worksheet in cell A1, get content of <Items></Items>, without opening the XML file.
    I use Macro:
    Option Explicit

    Sub test()

    Dim MyArray() As Variant
    Dim Data As Variant
    Dim Temp As String
    Dim c As Long
    Dim myToday As String
    Dim strFileName As String

    myToday = Format(Date, "")
    strFileName = myToday & "-I" & ".xml"

    'Change the path and filename, accordingly
    Open "C:\Archive\" & strFileName For Input As #1

    c = 1
    Do Until EOF(1)
    Line Input #1, Data
    Select Case True
    Case Data Like "<Items>*"
    Temp = Replace(Data, "<Items>", "")
    Temp = Application.Substitute(Temp, "[/Items]", "")
    If IsNumeric(Temp) Then Temp = Val(Temp)
    ReDim Preserve MyArray(1 To 1, 1 To c)
    MyArray(1, c) = Temp

    c = c + 1
    End Select

    Close #1

    'Write the array to the active worksheet, starting at A1
    Range("A1").Resize(UBound(MyArray, 1), UBound(MyArray, 2)) = MyArray

    End Sub
    Existing macro gives one line only. It seems that the problem is in the spaces in the XML file, because when I delete these spaces I get the full content of <Items></ Items>. Help, please.

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