My right knee feels as if someone has taken a fist grip on it and is tightening. I am able to turn my leg a certain way and my knee will pop/click which relieves pain for about ten seconds then the pain returns(which I am trying to avoid). The pain is not so bad as I can stand on it, walk or sit fine but when I am using it it is definitely an issue.
The direct area of pain is just below the knee cap and to the inner side of the cap. Sometimes pain comes from the 'middle' inside of the knee.

This past Tuesday I was doing the leg press machine with some considerable weight. About halfway through my routine, I felt a small sharp pain in my knee then I stopped with that machine. It seemed fine the rest of the day but on Wednesday it became a real issue.

Currently I am taking ibuprofen four times a day, 200mg, and am trying to stay off the leg as much as possible. Seeing as I still need my cardio I did some swimming the other night and plan on doing more of this in the coming weeks.

Should I continue avoiding to pop my knee? Is this a serious tear or will self medication work? Possible prognosis?

Hope this was clear enough. Thanks for reading.