I went to the doctor because while sleeping my arms and hands get numb.
I got a bunch of blood test done.
Everything seems to be normal.
I do go to the gym everyday and work out mainly with machines, as well as take 16 different clases every week.
4 classes of yoga, 4 of ody works, 4 of pilates and 4 of spinning.
Aside that I do 1 hour cardio everyday and weight lifting with machines 2 times a week
When I lay in bed my arms start getting numb from the shoulder up to my hands.
I still do not know why.
Can somebody know the answer?
The only explanation I could think of is maybe my muscles as well as bones are getting heavier since I work out so much.

I hope somebody will give me an explanation because I do get up 2 times in the middle of the night with numbness in arms and hands
Thank you