Yesterday, I injured my foot. To picture where I injured it, I will ask you to put your foot out in front of you toes to the ceiling. On the bottom of your foot, right below the baby toe about half an inch. Where the "cushy" part is. Thatís exactly where itís injured.

I really have no idea how I hurt it. It was very sudden. I got out of the shower. And it got an instant pain. It feels like someone stabbed my foot. =/

I can walk if I donít walk on that part, so I walk on the inside of my foot.

Now to my question. Has this happened to anyone? What is this called? What should I do? I am just 16 years old so I really have no clue. My parents donít know either. They donít know how serious it is. I guess I donít either.


WHAT SHOULD I DO? Should I rap it? Or go to the doc?