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    Dec 26, 2012, 11:01 PM
    Foot injury 6 months ago.
    Have foot pain in my right foot underneath my inside ankle to about the an inch from my big toe. Also it hurts underneath on the bottom of my foot. Doesn't hurt to bad if I stay off it. But when I have to drive and operate gas pedal or walk a lot it slowly gets worse through-out the day. I spend most my time inside now resting it. This started June 1st 2012 at work. I have had ex-rays with no abnormalities. Been to orthopedic surgeon who put me in a boot for a couple weeks then sent me back to work. A few days later I was sitting on my foot and all the old pain came rushing right back. I eventually lost my job because of this injury. Never got an MRI done cause the workmans compensation didn't want to pay for it. So six months later I'm still suffering every day. Any idea on what's wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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