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    Sep 2, 2007, 09:59 AM
    Foot and ankle "bone brusie"
    I have a bad bone bruise or stress fracture to the talus and cuboid bones in my
    Left foot. Depends on which Dr. I ask one calls it a bruise one calls it a stress fracture. I was hard casted for 3 weeks and in a cam for another week
    And then back in to a hard cast again now for another 4 weeks. The cam
    Was pure agony it was twisting my ankle all around.I saw another Dr. in
    The same office for the second cast and he assured me that there was no
    Soft tissue damage showing up on the MRI that was done. He discovered
    The injury to the Talus it was originally thought it was just the
    Cuboid bone. The cast was the better way to go. I still have 1+ week to go
    In this one I still have some discomfort in the ankle joint the Dr.
    Advised to try to walk on it 1 week prior to seeing him if tolerable. My
    Question is if it still aches I wouldn't walk on it. Should I expect some
    Pain this far into this 8 weeks and if so would I expect to be re
    Casted yet again? This one has loosened up a bit. What is a realistic time
    Table for this kind of injury? I know you can't see the extent of the
    Bruise/fracture but a ball park answer? I know PT is in my future as
    Well.Thank you so much for reading.:)
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    Mar 9, 2012, 06:34 PM
    Your muscles have atrophied while your ankle is immobilized, so some pain is to be expected. PT will work the muscles and strengthen them. Be sure you cooperate fully and follow all instructions to the letter.

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