I am only a teenager. I moved in my new house in July of 2007. I did not feel or see a prescence of something until one night. Here's my 1st experience on what I think is in the house or whatever.ok.it was a school night & I went to bed.then I woke up at exactly 2:46 a.m.. When I woke up that night I just stayed up that whole night.
I remember that I was so freakin scared!! So I was just lying there in my bed with my eyes wide open. I could not go to bed!! (I have to note that I kind of get scared easily) I was looking around in the dark when I thought I had seen blood on my pillow when it was just my drollw?(if that's how u spell it)& then I thought I had felt something touch my head!! Like someone or something had grabbed my head!! But I turned around quickly & nothing was there!! I was so scared that I didn't even want to move. I was scared that I would die or something?? Then I don't know how long later,but,I seen a black image of a man for like 4 seconds!! I was so scared!! Like not even playing!! I just could not sleep that whole night!! Hours went by,& my mom woke up to get ready for work,she went in my room to check up on me & she seen that I was awake. So I told her what happened. & she said that I was just dreaming. But I told her that no I was wide awake!! She prayed for me. But it didn't really help. So I just stayed up watching TV,& then I just got ready for school & still was feeling a prescence in that freakin house!! Then my friend picked me up to go to school(shes saved)&& was fine at school but I think its just the house. =[.(u see my mom's saved by jesus christ,& I'm not,so that kind of why I think she dosen't believe me;that I think there's spirits or that there's something in the house!) I've been think a lot now about the whole thing.my mom thinks that I've been think too much and because I'm always in the house like practically all the time that I'm like just hearing things or whatever.

and when I go to bed I always feel a prescence there with me,and also I like feel something touching my body or my back or something? Its effecting my life!!

I remember this one time that I was watching TV & my door was open and my cat was in the room with me, & I seen out of the corner of my eye that a white spirit or whatever it was just swopped past my door really fast & even my cat seen it because SHE RAN TO THE DOORWAY & JUST KEPT LOOKING SIDE TO SIDE!! so the cat did see it too!!

I've been living with whatever's in my house for about 6 months now. I'm so surprised I haven't killed myself yet! I've noticed that I only feel this prescence when I'm by myself in the house alone. But somedays it gets really bad,like I'm hearing things. I keep on TRYING to ignore it,but I still get freaked out when I hear any little noise now! Its horrible! I feel like the devil's toorching me or something??

my mom took me to therapy cause she thought I was depressed or something(but really it was just that I kept on telling her that I was bored all of the time). I keep on telling her that there's something watching me in the house!! But of course she doesn't believe me. I went to therapy like about 4 or 5 times once out of the week,but I mean I told the therapist everything that happening in my life. But I felt like that didn't help. So I told my mom that I didn't want to go anywhere(maybe it was because I didn't feel comfortable with her,I don't know?? )

this whole story's crazy don't u think?
I just really want it to stop!

now my friend came over one time & she even asked me if there were any spirits in the house because she said that the lights were dimming a lot! So now I know I'm NOT GOING CRAZY!! I said probably.

I have to take tylenol PM just to go to bed because I can't just fall asleep on my own anymore since that happened. That's really sad!! =[

now I found out that when all this happened with me waking up in the middle of the night and whatever,it was the day that my dad either died or was born on that day!! (he died in a real bad car accident,his friend was drunk and driving) u see I never got to meet my dad because when he died I was just baby. I do not remember him. It's pretty sad.=[ it makes me cry because it sucks!
my mom said that he died like about 4 months after I was born. Yes they were in love and married(I think she told me that she had me before they were even married,then after I was born she said that they had to get married,so they got married,& then he died like 4 months later into the marriage). My mom said that she kept on asking god why this had happened?? I just wish he was still in my life now! =[ my mom said that he was a good man & a awesome father. My mom believes that he went to heaven,even though he was into the drugs and drinking,whatever,she said he was saved but he just did wrong things and made wrong choices while he was saved. She also said that he really tried being saved and all that stuff.like he really did try though.he tried to be christian.

so I thought for a minute that it was my dad trying to tell me something,but then I thought that why would he try to scare me. I'm really confused?! But then I thought, that before we moved in,my mom had the house prayed over by her and these 2 ladies from a church that we used to go to.(well I still go there occasionally)they prayed in each room and everything! So I also that when we were looking for houses to move in,and we went to that house(the one I live in now),that the people still lived there,they looked like an average family,none of them looked like they worshipped the devil or did witch craft, until I saw the owner's son; who was all dressed in black like a goth or something. And his room was basically all darkness and all black and blah blah blah. So now I think maybe he did some witch craft or some voo-do crapp in the room or house before they moved out.maybe he didn't want to move or something and he got mad & cursed the house. So yea maybe it's that reason too. Now his room is my room,so maybe it was him who cursed my room or even the whole house or whatever?

so I really don't know why this would happen to me?!
or how this could've happened to me??