My son died on christmas morning 12 yrs ago , this was very hard and I have many times asked him to let me feel his presences or see him, I have never , Until Saturday Oct 27 2007 , My daughter was sick and in her room sleeping , I was in the kitchen, One floor home and saw her come from her room to the living room , but when I went to see if she was on the couch , she was not , she was in her room sound asleep , this was about 10:30 in the morning , so I went and asked her , honey , were you in the living room? she said no mom , I'm sleeping , OK , I went back out and about an hour later, I saw this figure and much clearer and she was still sleeping and this figure was faint but clear , it was my son , he is as tall as his sister and this really shocked me and I'm still in shock, is this possible ?
Is there anyone I can talk to get have many questions I have answered?