A person that I work with (Who is a self proclaimed black cloud) gave me rugs that she ripped out of her new home from the second that I have had them installed it seems that I have inherrited her bad luck here are a few examples within the last 2 months:
1) The man installing it broke his ankle doing the job
2) The day after they were installed I slipped in the shower and broke my ribs.
3) My Dryer broke and got one from best buy (didn't work) then had one delivered from Lowe's (Didn't work) Finally after going through 4 dryers we have one that works but it take 2 cycles to dry.
4) Vacuum broke because the new rug produces too much lint. Had to buy a new vacuum.
5) Mom came to visit and fell out of car hurt herself in my driveway.
6) Area rugs a wrinkling that are ontop of rug causing visitors to trip.
7) I am a teacher and a parent handed me a card with $100 in it as a gift for the end of the year and I put it on my desk and at the end of the day it was gone.
8)Got kicked out of a pool area that my children and I have been using for 5 years because it is under new management and they decided not to include our small subdivision anymore.
9)Had keys made a Lowe's to my new job. Met a client there and none of the 3 keys even fit in the hole. Lost money because he left.

These are not things that I am bringing on myself. I have lead a really good life up until a few months ago.
Don't get me wrong I am thankful for my family, friends, and the blessing that I do have it just seems so weird to me.

Should I rip out the new rugs even though I can't afford it??