I find it brain exploding as to what the universe is about. Sure, the God illusion is the easy way to explain it. But what is really going on? The shere size of the universe is mind boggling. How did this originate? How did we come to be? God is a very weak explanation. For those who understand that, this poses a very interesting question. If space is infinite, what is beyond space? More space? A brick wall? A Star bucks?
Its boggles the mind.
Kind of makes you dizzy if you think about it. Just like eternity. Think of the fact that if you have ever worked on a Sunday, you will be in hell forEVER. And it never ends. Not in 359786 trillion years, not in 5497455376 trillion years. It NEVER ends! All because you led a perfect life but had an impure thought when you were 12 while at a picinic. I say,, Not fair and just!