Hi all.

I saw a music video of a classic song. Now I've totally forgot how the song goes, the artist's name and the song title... unfortunately all I have is a brief description of the music video.

It's a young white male solo artist, maybe mediterranean, short hair, good looking.

It's a slowish love song. Late 80's early 90's possibly. The chorus carries a bit of a strong longish note/s.

In the video he walks along the sand and beach, possibly wearing a white shirt and jeans. Then scenes of him leaning his back against a wall/piller in and around the local town. Looks like spain near like a coffee shop? There are two women in this video, one of which look mixed race or spanish and one is a white lady, looks very much like Nicole Kidman from certain angles when you first see her appear.

I think, & I stress think, there was a small dance scene with the guy and the spanish girl in a hall or club/bar type place. CAN ANYONE HELP?