I like this guy. We first met in Feb of this year but at the time I had a boyfriend. Well in April I quit my job where he works at and we lost contact. Well later that month I saw him at a bar. My boyfriend and I were going through some rough times so I decided to go out and enjoy my life. I ran into the guy I like. He noticed me and came over and started talking. Well once again I was dating someone so I could pursue it. Well me and my boyfriend broke up a month ago. So my best friend works with this guy I like that's how I got the job there in Feb. Well I asked her for his email addy. Him and I have been talking ever since, but he now has a girlfriend. He told me that he has always had a crush on me but he knew I was dating someone. Well now he knows Im not seeing anyone. We have talked all the time now. I mean till 130 am some nights. He wants to pursue me but since he has a girl he cant. He is a loyal person. He said he wants to give her a fair chance. But what I don't understand is how can he give her a fair chance when he is flirting with me and thinking about me. I mean he ask me sometimes should I feel bad since Ive talked to you more today than my girl. Im wanting to find a song that describes this so I can send it to him. Im really wanting him to pursue me because we click and connect like crazy. So please help me find a song.