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    Dec 13, 2011, 02:25 PM
    Music video girl who has stream of light opperated on.
    This guy watches a girl get operated on, not her physically but a machine what I think extracts her soul in to a beam of light. As these people keep injecting the stream with needles until she turns in to dust.

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I can only remember the video for this song. It was a girl group and they were singing in an abandoned castle courtyard or stone ruins. They had on pretty gothic/victorian dresses and were sitting on broken archways and things like that.

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Hey guys! I'm trying to find a music video but I just remember a few details. The singer was a brunette girl which was floating with a spacesuit. It was a pop or synth-pop song realeased between 2004 and 2009. She reminded me of Lily Allen but I'm pretty sure she wasn't. Sorry if my spelling is...

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When I try to see videos supplied by news sources and others, the video will run for about 10/14 seconds and then stop and after a ffew more seconds continue. It is annoying and of coiurse, it takes longer. Is there something I can do to get a steady stream while watching videos? Thanks.

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A dark haired girl sitting in a chair singing, I think there was a sheet or something like it hanging behind her. Maybe a flower in her hair & red lipstick?? It was a great song but I can't remember it.

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