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    Jun 3, 2012, 05:01 AM
    Music video by description?
    I need help! Desperately! I remember just the music video of this song. Its set in some empty dark room. Man sings to a woman, she is not talking to him or anything. In one scene they are having sex on her coat I think or something. Its really sad song about feeling lonely I think.
    Can anybody help me? Please!

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I don't have the name of the band or lyrics, but in the video the floor cracks (I think is black & white squared) and the guy watches the band playing upside down, while the band plays piano. I think is from 1996-1997 rock/pop music. HELP!

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Umm hi, the song I want to know has a video of woman falling from a building I think and she is also the singer? It's a rock song from what I remember.

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I remember watching this video of a song where there was a miniature woman and she played the piano and sang when the guy put money into the coin slot. Any one know?

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It is an R 'n B song with a guy and he is on a date with a girl who is wearing a bikini and hotpants and they go to the beach and they play basketball and they ride a tricycle? Lots of palm trees. And volley ball. Recent.

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Hello there, I have been on the hunt for this particular video for many years but I have no idea what it is. As it was so long ago, I cannot remember very much about the video except for a few bits and pieces. - First, I know the video was not a rap or country video. - I saw it on MTV2...

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