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    Aug 15, 2011, 09:21 PM
    Music Video by description
    I don't have the name of the band or lyrics, but in the video the floor cracks (I think is black & white squared) and the guy watches the band playing upside down, while the band plays piano. I think is from 1996-1997 rock/pop music.

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Hi, I've seen a music video around couple of years ago (maybe five but presumably less). It's a 2D animation almost entirely of in black and red with birds(eagles ?), scalpels, scissors and other surgical equipment, and lots of blood pouring. The birds and scalpel, scissors are drawn as if...

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Umm hi, the song I want to know has a video of woman falling from a building I think and she is also the singer? It's a rock song from what I remember.

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I remember watching this video of a song where there was a miniature woman and she played the piano and sang when the guy put money into the coin slot. Any one know?

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It is an R 'n B song with a guy and he is on a date with a girl who is wearing a bikini and hotpants and they go to the beach and they play basketball and they ride a tricycle? Lots of palm trees. And volley ball. Recent.

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Hello there, I have been on the hunt for this particular video for many years but I have no idea what it is. As it was so long ago, I cannot remember very much about the video except for a few bits and pieces. - First, I know the video was not a rap or country video. - I saw it on MTV2...

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