He goes in ans meets a woman who he interacts with by either singing to her, dancing to her or kissing her, I cant remember, then at the end, it turns out he fell asleep out in the car and never actually entered the house and he must've just dreamt about the woman. I believe at the very end, the guy who drove him there wakes him up saying "come on we dont have all day" or something like that. Both men and the woman were white I believe, and during the briefly spoken line at the end, I may have detected a Western/Central European accent, probably UK region but I'm not positive. It could've just been a Chicago or Boston accent or something like that, its hard to say because it was just one sentence and I can't remember all that much.

I think it was a well known 80s pop/soft rock love song. The house was like a nice big country house, with a big yard, but it's not a mansion. One guy was in front seat driving the car. And the other guy, the singer I think, was in the back seat behind the driver. It was a black car I believe. The kind of car celebrities and wealthy folks are chauffeured around in. Not a limo, it looked like maybe a European version of a basic Towncar or a Continental maybe?