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    Jan 11, 2019, 04:43 PM
    Group singing song
    I am trying to find the name of a song... the video starts in what looks like a recording studio and the woman starts singing about a friend receiving bad news from her doctor but that she will always be there for her... I think it was mid to late 1990s... the video was all over Facebook yesterday and now I cant find it

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No no no ... On me ... I won't let nobody... For free Ok, I know, this feels kind of dumb, but it is the only words from the refrain which I remember the best. The refrain is kind of fast, and it seems like several girls sing it

Who's singing that song? [ 0 Answers ]

Played on the radio in late 1991, the lyrics were "On the phone". The group singing was led my a male singer. The music tempo was slow and the lyrics were almost talked through, not sung.

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I heard a song on the radio as a teenager (in the mid-80's) about an old man singing in church. It was a story-type song and apparently the old man couldn't sing very well and it was annoying all the other people in the church. One day the Preacher pulled him aside and told him about this, and...

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Hi-Hope all is well. Wanted to know the name and writer for the following song. I'M A FLAPPER BRAVE AND BOLD I WEAR MY STOCKINGS ROSE I EAT, I DRINK, I CHEW I WEAR MY HAIR BOB TOO I'M A FLAPPER BRAVE AND BOLD AND I'LL SEE YOU IN THE MOONLIGHT I can't quite make out all the words my...

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Was throwing kisses, and walking through a town following a girl can anyone help me ? Its not a recent song maybe circa late 80s early 90s not to sure though can someone help me ?

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