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    Nov 4, 2012, 05:16 PM
    Finding music video
    Band is playing in an apartment and the girl lead singer walks in late, takes off her shoes and then they begin...

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Please help... I was listening to bruno mars songs on YouTube one night and I came across this BEAUTIFUL song.. now I can not find it anywhere! It was a duet with a rapper, in the video clip you could see a ''wanted'' or ''have you seen... '' poster and they were singing something about...

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Looking for a music video. Kind of harder rock video. War type theme animated video. People have megaphones for head

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Saw it late night on TV... believe MTV or MTV2 or something like that. Was an animated music video from late 80's or early 90's. Has a guy walking along, and a shark keeps swimming around him, and eventually eats him. A somewhat dance beat. Can't seem to remember the artist or song! ...

I need help finding this music video. [ 0 Answers ]

The singer was a darker skinned individual but not black. Maybe a light skinned African american. She was in a restaurant playing an acoustic guitar singing I think she might have been on a stage. But she was sitting on a stool I believe. She got up and danced with the janitor during this video.

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It's a male latin/spanish singer and the song is sung in spanish. It starts with a huge crowd of people in the street and switches to him singing in front of an audience as he is dressed in white, and later shows a scene of him running through the desert. It's an upbeat song. Any help would be...

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