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    Find Music Video, Name of a musician/music group

    Asked Jun 18, 2012, 11:59 AM
    I am searching for a music video. It features a man (lead singer, don't know his name) in red trousers. The whole video he spends in the place where planes take off. Songs itself is kind of rock. Sings in English. Title of the song is rather long

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Depicts lead singer riding a motorcycle through the desert. He stops at a gas station but when he enters inside it's a dance club.

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I can only remember the video for this song. It was a girl group and they were singing in an abandoned castle courtyard or stone ruins. They had on pretty gothic/victorian dresses and were sitting on broken archways and things like that.

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I have been trying to find who has made this music video for a long time now.. (it's possibly from the late 90s?) The only thing I remember I how the plot is. A teenage girl (possibly blond) walks into a party, shy, and out of place. All of the other teenagers party and don't really notice her,...

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This band wore toxic suits, the song came out on MTV video not sure of the year

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