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What does this mean?
Asked by Allen Farber, Feb 2, 2017 07:06 PM in Languages
Now I was looking in this forum and saw someone asked what "In a broad sense" meant and I saw an answer that confused me. Now keep in mind, I'm not...
When and where was the last significant battle fought in India
Asked by Rahul Dileep C, Feb 25, 2017 05:26 AM in History
When and where was the last significant battle fought in India When and where was the last significant battle fought in India
Did You Know We are Witnessing an Intelligence Community Counter-Coup?
Asked by TxGreaseMonkey, Oct 29, 2016 06:47 PM in Politics
Clinton Coup vs. INFO-Counter-Coup October 29, 2016 ( Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD...
Other society and culture
Asked by jammy23, Feb 20, 2017 10:40 AM in Other Society & Culture
My landlord sold his house to three Muslims which is not a problem but someone Is suggesting that since it's a corner house and really big, he...
Asked by DksSping, Feb 17, 2017 08:07 PM in Spirituality
In Hinduism it is believed that God/the Creator/Creation itself is in everything, and have every form. Must you see that as a entity/force or a...
Asked by seekersym, Feb 12, 2017 04:48 AM in Languages
Translate sanskrit shubham to English
How India and China influence Sri Lanka's interest in the 21st Century? Explain.
Asked by hasintha84, Feb 10, 2017 12:37 AM in Issues & Causes
How India and China influence Sri Lanka's interest in the 21st Century? Explain.
Father of the bride speech advice, please
Asked by moonlite, Feb 4, 2017 09:57 AM in Etiquette
Is a speech of 13 minutes too long ? By the time I go through introducing myself and thanking the guests (many of whom require a special mention as...
Asked by Harrly, Jan 31, 2017 09:29 PM in Languages
So I asked a guy how are u and he answered not to bad yourself.. Any explanation? And what could be my reply?
Birthday celebration in islam.
Asked by MUHSIN MUNEER, Jan 26, 2017 05:38 AM in Islam
Assalamualikkum Sir... Does islam allows to celebrate prophet muhammed's birhday.
Rapuzel Dress
Asked by mickeyyyyyy, Jan 16, 2017 01:24 PM in Fashion
So I bought a custom made Rapunzel dress a few yeas ago and completely forgot about it until I unpacked it a few days ago. While trying it on, I...
Marriage Issue.
Asked by SardarSohail, Jan 14, 2017 02:58 AM in Islam
As salam o Alaikum Respected Scholar, I would like your advice on an issue that I have.I like to marry a Filipina, who converted to Islam AA in...
Sociologists and journalists have basically the same goals in mind when they investig
Asked by rhiena mae, Jan 14, 2017 07:28 AM in Other Society & Culture
Is it true or false?
The Gay Christian
Asked by dwashbur, Sep 19, 2016 11:21 AM in Christianity
Here's my question: if you are anti-LGBT, what are your biblical justifications for it? What are the "clobber passages" that you use, and why? On...
How were Christians and Jews treated in Cordoba?
Asked by sararose, Jan 9, 2017 07:44 PM in Christianity
How were they treated in Cordoba?
Asked by Fatheema, Jan 6, 2017 10:34 PM in Islam
Assalamu alikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakaathuhu. I am from India living in Malaysia. I am under big stress please help me out with Islamic...
Can someone paraphrase this for me?
Asked by Allen Farber, Dec 27, 2016 12:19 PM in Philosophy
Can someone please explain to me what is meant by the following: "Put in simple terms, a theory is a simplified picture of reality. As such,...
2 marriage
Asked by 9080807979, Dec 20, 2016 02:27 PM in Islam
Aslam u Alikum I'm interested in a boy, but he got married n have a kid, he was forced to get married, after a month he has moved to Dubai, he...
Sin Before marriege
Asked by Tisubaasyed, Dec 18, 2016 03:32 AM in Islam
To be very honest, I loved a hindu boy, I love him so much because of his nature and will continue to love him, I know this is ain but I cant...
Theory definition
Asked by Allen Farber, Dec 27, 2016 12:05 PM in Languages
So in the definition for the word "Theory" what does it mean when they say "based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained."?

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