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    Jun 4, 2013, 04:55 AM
    Thesis statement on bullying in schools
    I am doing a Argumentative essay on Bullying in Schools and I am having a hard time with a thesis statement. In my essay I speak of the types of bullying, consequences for both the victim and the bully, laws and intervention. Please help if you can I am desperate because it is due today and this is all I need, is my thesis statement.
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    Jun 4, 2013, 05:06 AM
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    Jun 4, 2013, 06:28 AM
    Here is my paper and I am having a hard time with a strong thesis statement. Thank you,

    Bullying in Schools

    Bullying is a horrible thing to have happen to anyone, let alone a child. Children are pushed around, physically; abused verbally and the one type that makes it even worse is cyber-bullying, this type of bullying is for everyone to see, kids you have as friends and kids who aren’t your friends. Is our society becoming that petty that they do not see the harm in this behavior or do they just want to overlook a situation that could possibly be corrected.
    Bullying is a form of physical and mental abuse that can have destructive effects, worse case scenario; suicide. Now with so many reoccurrences of bullying it is time for it to stop.
    For many years there has been what is known as the “Bully” in schools and outside of schools. This is a long-lived threat on many and has even caused harm to others, such as physically, mentally, and lost lives. Young children through teenage lives have been struggling to survive in a world of bullies and to be able to live happy normal lives. Bullying not only affects the victim, but has affects on the entire school environment. Kids affected do not know how to cope logically with this issue. There are many aspects of why bullying in our schools occur. Kids may want to boost their own confidence and think they are cool or they could have a bad home life and need a way to cover it up. What ever the case, there are many reasons for a bully to bully such as; the way a person looks, an overweight person, the type of family life (poor/rich), they may even be bullied because they are intelligent. There are different types of bullying such as physical abuse according to PBS Kids, (2008) pushing, tripping; beating up and even knocking books out of someone’s hands is physical abuse, verbal abuse according to PBS Kids, (2008) also says that calling names, bad comments, and teasing are a form of bullying. Cyber-bullying is another form a bullying, according to Feinberg & Robey, (2009) this could be the worst because it is over the computer or even a cell phone and is just rumors or bad things said to make the bullied person feel bad. There are consequences for the bullied. Such consequences that result from the three types of bullying can be depression, anxiety, health issues, and a decrease in their grades as well as their interaction with people at school or even in the home. (Smokowski &Kopasz, 2005).
    Many people may think of this crime, “Bullying in Schools” as not an important issue, because some people may say “they are just being kids” or some may say “I grew up with the bullying and I turned out fine”. Bullying is not what it was way back when, when it was just kids being kids (Selekman & Vessey, 2004). Now days bullying is taken or suppose to be taken serious and it does not seem the case. There are just too many excuses said and not enough being done to help this terrible crime. Some schools around the country have implemented some counseling programs to stop bullying. They are teaching kids to stand up and not to be afraid. Some of these interventions are as follows; tell a grown-up, help those who are being bullied, try counseling (Ramsey, 2005). Do any of these things work? Let’s read on and see if there is an answer.
    In the research findings, suicide is becoming a way out for kids that are being bullied (Smokowski & Kopasz, 2005). Why should this be an option? This is not an option and this Bullying in our Schools needs to be addressed to the fullest. To help save lives not take them. It was very shocking to see such how much this is occurring.
    Parents, teachers and friends, relatives always have the questions of why, when, and how this is happening. This is when law enforcement agencies try and step in, to make intervention ideas as far as the law. There are laws against bullying according to Miller Rubin, (2012). There is a law that enforces educators to be educated on this situation, to be corrected. There are consequences for bullying according to (Harlin, 2008); for the bully, their bullying others could perhaps get involved with more serious, harmful activities such as gangs, drugs or being arrested. Is this issue only about the victim or is it about the bully too? The main law enforced, bullying, is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is one of the top types of bullying. There are cases that take action and follow what is right and then there are the cases that the courts may not have enough evidence to say they have a case. This is an ethical, moral issue on behalf of the courts; it is a matter of right or wrong. So what is stopping the courts from taking legal action? This is where a line has to be drawn, it is just wrong, any form of bullying. Why shouldn’t the bullier be charged with murder if the victim commits suicide? What makes it OK to bully to some and act like there is nothing wrong with the situation? In Bonnie Miller Rubin’s, (2012) article about cyber-bullying she states “lawmakers have responded with legislation that specifically takes aim at teasing texts or digital rumor-mongering.” Is this going to make a difference to change the bullies or will it just be making it so that people can deal with it in a more appropriate way?
    A bully never grows out of being a bully; they just get older and do it to someone else. It could be their wives/husbands/children. They also need help along with victims. Bullies need intervention as well as the victims. Who can make the laws to be more enforced to stop this horrible crime if people do not have a leg to stand on?
    The President of the United States and the First Lady, Michelle Obama are trying to take a stand and put a stop to this terrible crime. The President himself stated that this is a school-wide epidemic and that “School-wide rules for “no bullying,” is not a joke and will not be tolerated White House Press, (2011). President Obama and the First Lady want to put an end to this and are firm believers in making these issues of bullying in schools go away. It will not happen over night, but it with the help of school administrators, teachers, parents, and students, a difference can be made.
    First Lady Michelle Obama said in a conference about bullying, that “as parents it really hits home and that it breaks many hearts to think of any child to feel unsafe at school or at home on a daily basis” (White House Press, 2011). Will this conference be enough to control bullying and if not what will the outcomes be? Will it make the suicide rates go skyrocketing if it has not already?
    Why is the word suicide in this paper? Does anyone teach their kids that this behavior is not acceptable? What happened to ethics and morals? Has our society gone to the dogs and if so why is everyone so worried about people who are bullies and the victims? This is a fight worth fighting for and to make it change for the better. Too many young lives are being lost and not enough intervention is being taken to make it stop. Schools can only do so much intervention. The true intervention is from the home, the parents but if the parents do not think it is an important issue than kids have to fall back on the schools. Where is the line drawn?
    When bullies get away with their actions it does not make it possible for the change to happen. Parents, Teachers, School administrators, and Law Enforcement agencies need to take a stand by getting the bullies punished lawfully and rightfully. Letting it go on and not taking a stand makes the society worse for the rest of the people who are against bullying. Bullying is a crime; a punishable crime and the bullies need to know that citizens are not going to take anymore of it. So what does this tell us about what goes on in the world of bullying?
    It says in the research of this topic “Bullying in Schools” that there are some interventions that are going on to help cope with it, but what other intervention can be done to stop bullying? Sure counseling could help but how far must it go before the lives of innocent are taken and is the counseling helping the victims soon enough to save their lives? Is the victim the victim or are the bullies the victim in this topic of “Bullying in Schools” would be the question?
    Bonnie Miller Rubin, (2012) states “Sometimes, an incident needs to take place before people really step up”. This is not saying much for the way people react. It says that people do not take the matter serious enough prior to something bad happening.
    Intervention; intervention; Parents and Schools need to stress the importance of intervention and give the children the tools they need to be able to cope with bullying. Some interventions could have a small group of children with a counselor and some could be in large groups such as in an auditorium. These are a good start but where is the parent involved. Intervention is for everyone so schools need to include the parents. Other forms of intervention counseling sessions, there are books and videos out there to help educate on this topic, there are websites that could help meetings at a Library; there are so many resources that can help people understand that bullying is an unacceptable behavior.
    In conclusion people need to wake up and look around to what is happening and take a stand to stop “Bullying in our Schools”. The people of a community are the best resources, as long as they all stick together and believe in what is right.

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