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    Nov 1, 2013, 08:45 AM
    How to eliminate multiple representations from same company
    Problem statement: In responses collected from online survey, How to eliminate multiple representations from same company

    Assuming that I intend to get one (and only one) response from each company for analysis. In the process of survey, I sent out to a large distribution and there are multiple responses from single company. What is the best process to pick one response before starting the analysis.
    (eg. Company 1 - 10 responses, Company 2 - 15 responses, Company 3,4,5 - 1 each).

    Unit of Analysis is Company. How to pick 1 response from Company 1 and 2 so that the analysis is not biased.

    Some thoughts
    a. Pick a response randomly and ignore the others
    b. Follow below strategy to narrow
    i. Ignore partial responses
    ii. Go-Thro' answers and remove not worthy responses - Like Yes for All etc
    [inconsistency score . e.g..
    iii. Choose based on responses to priority questions
    iv. Finally choose based on designation
    c. Apply somelogic to group the responses into a single response

    Please provide the best way to handle this issue and provide references


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