8 years ago, my daughter needed surgery. Her father, who carried the insurance, dropped it the day before the surgery. I was not aware of this since we are not together.

I thought the bill went to him, however, the bill was being sent to an old address of mine since I have full custody and am ultimately responsible.

7 years later I get a summons to court. I tried to raise the money to avoid the court date. I ended up getting the full payment to them a few days after the court date.

I just happened to notice this statute of limitations of 6-years in Wisconsin. I had no idea that this was even something to look in to and would love to have the judgment off my record. At this point, I would not even ask for the money back.

It has been around 14 months since this all happened. So, since in effect, the debt was gone after 6 years, does that mean the Judgment is not valid? If it is valid, can I have it removed?

Thanks for any information!