I have a entertainment business we pull our truck up to the front of homes. We parked in front of this customer home. The customer asked us to pull our 50' (fifty foot) truck into their 200' long "S" curved driveway for their events convenience. My driver told the customer we couldn't as the truck had an oil leak. The wife said her husbands truck had a leak and pointed out existing leaks and instructed him to pull it in but put something underneath it. The truck leaked on their driveway. Spots all the way up and a small puddle where it parked. Backing out of the "s" driveway my driver broke a low voltage light. Customer wants me to take full ownership to fix/clean it all. I have offered to fix the light and refund to "assist" with the clean up but it was his decision with full knowledge that the truck leaks to invite it in. What am I liable for? In writing they documented that the event was wonderful and that my driver did warn them that the truck leaks.