I'm being sued by Eltman Eltman & Cooper (Erin Capitol Management) and just my summons yesterday. The amount I'm being sued for is $11'000+ and the SOL is not up for this one until five months from now.

I've read online that many of these debt collectors are betting that the defendants will ignore the summons and the debt collector wins the case by default. If the defendant actually answers to the summons, most debt collectors will drop the case either right then or in the discovery face, because the debt collector usually does not have enough evidence that they can legally collect this debt.

I am going to answer this summons within the thirty days that I have and find out if this company really does owns the debt.

My question is what I've read online is really true?
I would like to hear from anyone who went through the same and either won or lost their case.
Also would like to hear from anyone who have any experience with this company (Erin Capitol Management). I'm wondering if this company are one that just roles over and doesn't want to work to get my money or if they really did their home and I can expect they have all the legal evidence they need to collect.

Thank you.