Okay so early this morning I decided to take my girlfriend to six flags. As we went to get on our first ride, one of the workers noticed I had a backpack and told me I couldn't get on with it so I went and put it in the locker that he told me too. To rent a locker you must pay 1$ and enter a 4-digit combination. I rented the locker and placed my backpack which include my wallet, my cellphone, girlfriends wallet and her cell phone and car keys as well. We then proceeded to get on the ride, once we come back to get our things from the locker we noticed it was half way open with nothing in it. Everything was gone! We told one of the worker and they ended up getting supervisors and LP involved which did absolutely nothing. I has 1,200 cash and my social as well as credit cards which managed to max all of them out. Over 2,000$ was lost due to this. My question is should I be suing them for this ? Or can I ?