Zwicker has sued me for alleged debt and I am representing myself in Michigan in court. The details are as follows.

I have only received one demand letter from them dated December 26, 2006. The letter did not provide any information that is required by the Fair Debt Collections Act to dispute the debt within 30 days. Zwicker then proceeded to take me to court for the alleged debt. By them taking me to court I also filed a countersuit against them for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Act.

After submitting the debt validation letter to Zwicker and the court on September 11, 2007, we met on October 26, 2007 at the court. The judge stated Zwicker must provide debt validation within 14 days which would have been the 7th of November 2007. They did not.

On November 15th I also submitted a Sworn Denial letter to the court and Zwicker. Zwicker responded back to the court and myself stating the sworn denial letter was a debt validation letter and that it was invalid because if I do not dispute the debt within 30 days from their demand letter dated December 26, 2007, then I am responsible for the debt. We are to meet next on December 3, 2007. Is this accurate? Can debt be disputed after 30 days from the initial demand letter? Is a Sworn Denail separate from a debt validation letter? If possible do you have anything from the FDCPA that can be referenced or anything else for that matter that invalidates their claim.

Please ask if you need anything else. Thank you in advance as well my friends. Your information is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day! : )