A couple friends and I took a trip to Cali. They said they had enough money to go on this trip and that they would pay half of the gas for the trip. Unfortunately, they only paid a couple times for gas. During this trip we decided to go to halloween horror nights at universal studios and they card their card would not work to pay for their tickets. I wanted all of us to go, so I decided to pay for their tickets which was $170 total for both of them. I still have not been paid back by them even though they said they would pay me back when they had “enough money”. This trip was in October, and I have asked them once if they had the money to pay me back yet. They said that I was harassing them about the money and they now refuse to pay me back. At first they said they would only pay me $100 and then they went on to say I was harassing them and they would not pay me anything. I told them that I was not harassing them since I had only asked them one time if they had enough money to pay me $10 a week or a month. I have given them 4 months to get enough money to pay me back but since they said I was “harrassing” them and they will not give me a cent, I am fed up with it and want my money back asap. I know I could take them to small claims court and sue them but I would like to know what I could do to get my money back without having to pay for lawyers or any expensive fees. These friends owe me over $200 with all the gas they did not pay for but I told them they can pay only $190, which splits into $170 for their tickets and $20 for gas. They refuse to pay and I am not letting them do this. They have done it to several other of my friends and I did not think they would do this to me because I am the kind of person to trust someone until they give me a reason not to, and now they have. What can I do?