Hello all,

First time user of this site and hope to learn a lot of info from it. The reason I come here tonight is with a question...

Recently I was in a small fender bender in my place of employments parking lot. I was backing out my parking space and low and behold someone else start to as well 1 car over. As I was half way out of my space I seen the other car coming and noticed that it was not stopping. I put my car in drive to avoid the accident but was clipped on my back driver side quarter panel.

The other drivers back bump and tail light was broke out and my quarter panel and bumber have scratches on it.

No one was injured and I gave the other driver a option to call the police as I stated I was not worried about it and could just move on.

The other driver stated that everything was OK...

The next day I come to work and the other driver stated that their damage was a little more than they though and wants to call the police.

The police were called and looked at both cars. The other driver after stated the night before that it was raining a dark she could not see, told the police officer that I backed out and hit them. I asked the officer to look at my damage and theirs to that they could make a determination on who's was at fault.

The office stated that because it was on private property and because the police were not called last night that she was not going to try to vision the accident in her head and that she is going to mark this as a no fault accident and that we are both responisable to go to our insurance companies to have our car fixed.

The other driver is not satisfied with that as for some reason she believes (or wants to belive) that I hit her even though the damage on my car is on the side and hers is on her back where she ran into the side of my car.

I really don't want to file a claim as I know I can get a quarter panel and replace it for less than what my deductable will cost.

I guess my question is... because the officer noted it as no fault, can the other driver take their claim to my insurance company? Can I be held liable in an accident that a police officer noted as no fault.

If she does pursue this how would I go about proving that she did indeed hit me so that this could all just be over with?

Thanks for any and all advice in this matter.