I was the coordinator of a trip for a ministry within the church. We decided to take a trip. As a committee, we gather our information regarding the trip such as pricing and the location of the trip and presented it to several people. The committee also agree agreed that any moneys people paid for this trip was non refundable due to the extend of the contract details with the airlines and the hotel. The information given to each participate states that " All monies paid are non refundable." 30 days prior to leaving for trip, one guest, that paid for her trip in full 3 weeks prior to the deadline, contacted me stating, she decided to do something and she would not be traveling with us and she wanted her money back. I clearly reminded her of the non refund policy and was she sure because she would no be able to get money back. Through much conversation such decided to go on the trip. Then 8 days prior to leaving for the trip, she contacted me again stating that she hurt her back, her doctor said she would possible need surgery and so she would not be able to travel and she ask for a refund of her monies paid. Once again I reminded her of our statement in our information that this was a non refundable trip and also when said paid her money, I wrote on the receipt "non refundable." Now of course she is treating to take us to civil court and sue us for her money back. I explained to her again that we are not in a position to return money because other people that backed out of this trip did not get a refund because it was noted in the inofmration and understood that no refunds were allow. She did not try to work other arrangements out such as sellingher trip to someone to get her money back, she just demanded her money back from us. Does she have a case against us?