I'm hoping someone can help me on here since I feel like I'm at the end of my ropes. I'm a 53 year woman and I'm on SSI disability since the age of 18 for mental and physical disabilitiesI managed to get my credit cleared up last year and obtain a couple of credit cards one being a HSBC MasterCard. I pay all my bills and something happened last year where I had to use my credit cards for a personal emergency and now I am paying back two of the credit cards except for the HSBC MasterCard which I was unable to do so. I'm tapped out on paying all my other bills and rent and food and anything else that comes along including copayments on perscription drugs. They have served a summonns on me to try and sue me for what I owe them. I'm just about out of my mind since this happened and I have allot of recent health problems that make me so sick to even get out of the house much anymore. Can they get my SSI from me to pay the debt I owe? Please if someone could help me I would apreciate it.