I sent a breach of contract notice to a unemployment benefits representative business that I found on the internet. I paid $400.00 for a unemployment representative to help my wife with her unemployment appeal. We live in Virginia and the business is based in Pennsylvania. The representative did not do her job correctly when helping my wife with her appeal. She committed procedure errors that ended up with her not getting the transcripts of the appeal examiner's hearing. Without them the representative could not write a written argument. Ask a result my wife stood no chance of winning her appeal. So I sent a breach of contract notice to the business without asking for any compensatory damages yet. I gave them 30 days. They sent me a check for $400.00 which covers the cost of their service. I have not wrote back and accepted this amount as a settlement. I just got the check a few days ago. I want to ask for a lot more than $400.00. I want to ask for the full amount of my wife's unemployment benefits which she stood a better chance of getting with a competent representative. The amount I am talking about is $4,070.00. We did not just suffer a loss of $400.00 but also a loss of her not getting her unemployment benefits. How should I respond? Is their a legal document that I should send the business asking for the $4,070.00? What should I say in response to the their letter and a check for $400.00? Should I send the $400.00 check back with my response?