I received a Summons from CC of State of Oregon about a past due amount that I could not pay. Credit card debt. I lost my home back in the early 2003 when I became ill with SLE. I have not been able to work full time and don't make enough to keep up with what I have. I cannot afford medical or dental. I take a supplement to keep my immune system stable, which cost me $50 a month. I am currently paying IRS (extra $100 a payday on back taxes), Car loan ($310 monthly), and car repair bill($100 monthly) I had to charge. I just finished paying off the State of Oregon $300 a month for 2002 taxes (through a garnishment). I barely have enough for food (feeding 2), gas ($120 a month - it's 45 minutes one way to my work). My paycheck this pay period was $627. How do I respond to this Summons? I do not have enough to hire an attorney. What do I do?