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    Cracked a tooth down the center on a plain McDonald's biscuit

    Asked Jun 18, 2010, 11:51 AM 1 Answer
    I cracked a tooth down the center on a plain McDonald's biscuit one morning. Has this happened to anyone else? Especially the Adairsville, Ga. Location where the a.m. biscuits are regularly brick-like.
    Also probably swallowed the proof and did not keep the "product" as their mediator called it. The mgr. acted as if she could care less. Had a full dental exam 4 months prior; no problems. Tooth had to be pulled and 2 others compromised for a bridge. After insurance, I was $1600.00 out of pocket. Big Mac's response ---too bad. Have attorney. Similar situations, contact: >Removed<

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    1 Answer
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    Jun 18, 2010, 12:00 PM

    It is foolish and dangerous (and against the rules) to post your email address. This does not work like a chat site and all questions are asked and answered on the open Board.

    I'm a liability investigator - I've done easily 100 of these "objects in food cases." I work only for Attorneys and I've seen ONE person collect - and I've seen some real injuries.

    I've seen baby mice in cereal, nuts and bolts in canned dog food, a condom in a soda bottle, a parts of chopped snake in canned vegetables and a piece of asphalt in a hamburger. The "piece of asphalt" person collected because the parking lot was recently repaired and the Attorney was able to make a connection between that repair and the object in the hamburger. (Didn't make sense to me then, doesn't make sense to me now, unless they were cooking burgers on the asphalt).

    At any rate - these cases have always been difficult to prove and since the woman claimed she found a finger in her sandwich and then confessed she was lying they are even more difficult to prove.

    I'd file a claim with McDonald's but I wouldn't count on getting reimbursed. Too many factors are involved - the fact that dental work was recent doesn't mean it wasn't damaged somewhere else and so forth. Unless you find a piece of something FROM MCDONA'D's in your food it's difficult to prevail.

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