Earlier today, my roommate received a court summons to pay a debt for our home owners association fees. She did not accept the documents at first because the man delivering it had the wrong name, but specifically named our house address as the condo in question. I bought my condo in April of 2009, did a title search (to make sure there weren't any liens on the property), and paid the amount in full with cash. I have paid my HOA fees on time every month since then. He told her regardless of the name, whoever is the homeowner is responsible for any liens made on the house. After accepting the package, she opened it and discovered that the address was wrong. Our address number is 3432 (building 21) and it was supposed to go to 3242 (building 40). This is a common mistake in our neighborhood because the building numbers and street numbers can be confusing. My question is: how do I properly handle this documentation? Should I call the lawyer who sent out the summons or give it to the HOA office?