Hello All,

I Currently live in MD however prior to 2001 I lived in NY.

1/2006 I called a small bank in NY I had an account with for years and learned that it had been restrained by a law firm C&S representing a creditor (Spiegel).

I called this firm and found there was a judgment obtained 7/2003 at an old address but I didn't live there because I was in MD since 2001. I wrote a letter to the firm and court as my answer and requesting validation and for it to be vacated. I received a letter from the firm stating they don't have to validate it because they already have a judgment. And the court stated I had to contact the records department.

So I didn't find the time in 2006 to go to court in NY due to personal issues. Any how 1/2007 an account Wachovia that I established in MD was restrained by the same firm for not just the Spiegel account but a Providian account they obtained a judgment for in 2004 Again which I never received because I was served and an old address and I live in MD. Well I spoke with a friend that told me the firm doesn't have the jurisdiction to attach and account that was established outside of NYS based on some sort of case law (Motorola Credit Corp v. Uzan). The firm immediately released the accounts stating that they would close the case since I live in MD but they knew that in 2006 because they responded to my letter and addressed it to my MD address.

In any case I went to court in NY 2/20/07 to request a date and order to show cause/vacate judgment.

I received a call from another firm W&A, Monday, 2/26/07 stating that they now have the account and have had the account since 11/2006. So I sent them a copy of the summons stating and a letter stating that if they have the debt how am I being collected on by C&S they said they would get back to me. I called the creditor these firms are representing and was told they don't have to validate anything because they already have a judgment.

My court date is tomorrow Ive notified and received proof of service for all involved Providian account and Spiegel.

1. This account is not mine.
2. They say this debt is from 1998, I was 18 and couldn't have/didnt have a credit card with a limit of 4K like they are Alleging (worst case if this even were mine).

Once this is vacated which I hope I want to sue C&S for their practices for attaching my account in MD without jurisdiction.

I want to counter sue them they've attached 2 accounts, placed this on my credit report refusing to validate because they had a judgment but the judgment was obtained on bad service I couldn't have come to court because I never knew there was a court date. They are juggling my account from firm to firm.

Need help on A. How to get this vacated tomorrow and what grounds can I sue C&S on civilly (?) since they are the firm obtaining these default judgments on bad service and no proof.