I have a 5 1/2 year old refrigerator that needed serviced. The freezer was 30 degrees. Fresh food section worked fine. I called sears repair serice and the guy told me that it wasn't under warranty but he could sell me a warratny that would cover this repair plus all my appliances in my home for 1 year up to $50,000 or replace if couldn't be fixed. He said I had to buy the warranty right then if I wanted this current repair to be covered. I purchased the warranty and a repair man came out a week later and said I has a leak. He ordered a few parts and returned a week later and put the new parts on. The next day the entire refrigerator was broke - lost all food inside the fresh food section since it was 80 degrees. He came back a week later and said the conmpressor is bad now. He ordered it and came back a week later. Meanwhile I get the warratny in the mail stating my warranty isn't effective for 30 days from purchase and this repair is only covered at $500. I was furious! The repair man has been to my house 8 times - replaced the compressor twice and says he still has no clue what is wrong. Sears is only giving me $500 replacement cost. I have been without a refrigerator for 6 weeks. Can I sue them in small claims court for misrepresenting the terms of the warranty and pressuring me into purchasing it? Thank you!