This, like many postings here, is a long story but I will endeavour to keep it short here and if it doesn't work out I'll have to rely on the court system (I'm filing in small claims court today). I purchased a rowing machine, a seemingly simple affair, online thorugh Sears several months ago. But the rowing machine never showed, so I called Sears and cancelled. About a month later, the item showed up on my doorstep (wasn't signed for). What gives? Of course, I had been charged for it. I contacted Sears immediately and asked them to issue a call tag and pick the product up and provide a refund. I was told it was delivered to far beyond the order date, so no refund could be provided. What? On July 9 I was provided a case number 4345746 and told that it was within the return period and the product would be picked up, which it was. Only I was never credited for the return. When I appealed to American Express, Sears furnished info that the rowing machine had been delivered to me so they would not reverse the charge. But what they did not disclose was that the rowing machine was picked up. Therin lay the problem. Please Sears, do the right thing here, I just want the refund for the initial purchase price, $741.41. I don't even need an apology for the dozen or so hours I've invested in resolving this. I believe part of the problem lay in that this order was fulfilled by a Sears partner--not Sears, but doing so as a partner of Sears demonstrated by the fact that they were filling an order placed on Sears, please do the right thing here or, what? Well that's really up to you but I suppose I would be seeing you in court shortly.