I need to please know what is the legal procedure to an eviction notice?
My fiancé and I and my 3 children use to live in Buena Park in Orange County and we still currently work in Orange County and comute Mon-Fri about 1hr and 15mins each way. When we heard from a far away causing saying that she was renting a model home that she had purchased and was renting out but old tenants had to leave and my fiancé and I made the decision to go rent over there because it was much cheaper to rent a house then what we were paying for an apartment. We had also agreed to purchase the Home later on this year because my credit was not so great just yet later in in March she told us that her Mortgage Payment went up that she was advised to still pay the minimun payment which she said she will continue on doing she said not to worry we kept asking her if she was paying the House or not she always said yes but not the full amount she said we are OK don't worry! When my fiancé and I got suspacious we asked our Loan Officer about how can we find out if she is making payments for the House she said she will contact someone to find out for us short enough she sent us a copy of the NOD that had gotten out May 22, 2008 for not paying 3 consicutive months she still wants us to pay rent of $1,200 a month we owe her $400 for June because we have been getting different information that are advicing us not to pay anymore but I really want the legal advice not the siding with me advice please? Some how we got a paper on our door last night of a 3 Day notice to pay rent or quit dated on Thurday June 19, 2008 but it was posted on June 22, 2008 evening attached is the 30-Day notice to quit is this legal procedure? PLEASE HELP?Thank you :(