I had just gone through a divorce and lost my job in 2006. While trying to sell my house so I could move I became involved with someone. After 6 mo. Her apt. lease came do. We decided that she would move in and help with the mortgage by paying rent until the house sold. I could not land a job that paid enough to meet my monthly bills and was falling farther in debt. After 7 mo. I told her to stop paying the bills and move out that I was going to foreclose on the house. She talked me into hanging in a little longer. She in the mean time had bought a house and was preparing to move. By the grace of God, I sold the house at a loss after 19 mo. I helped her move into her house and stayed there for 1 mo. Helping her do renovation. I then moved 400 mi. back home to live with my sister and her family. I had made a verbal agreement to pay her back the money I owed her. I left her a $8000.0 grand piano and the furniture of mine that she wanted. I gave her 100% of the equity I had in the sale of my house (approx.$7000.0). She then determined that I still owed her $6000.0. I agreed to pay her when I could. The last 2 times I have had expendable cash $1000.00 and $600.00 I sent it to her. It has been a year now and she has sent me a letter saying she has given my information to her attorney and plans to do something if I don't pay her the remaining $3400.00 by the end of Feb.2010 (26 days). I had filed for bankruptcy in July 2006. I have a huge tax liability for early withdraw of my 401k. If I had the money I would pay her. Is there anything she can do to force me to pay it now? What can she do?