I was out with my wife and another couple. We started to eat the soft bread they bring out while you wait for your meal. My first bite caused extreme pain. I quickly spit the bread out and saw a small stone type object. My wife and the other couple saw the object as well as the waiter. I did not talk with the manager, but the waiter took the bread away along with the "stone". For some reason I was embarrassed. I was in great pain the rest of the night. I figured the pain would go away, but after two weeks, it did not. I was finally able to see a dentist. The dentist took an x-ray of the tooth proviing it was strong and healthy. She did tell me the back molar was broken. I was surprised. Now I have a $1400 bill and very upset that I have to pay for this. I feel the restaurant should pay for this at the very least.