I live in TX and I ordered a doublequarter pound with cheese meal and when I brought it to work for lunch to eat it, I bit into the burger and broke my back tooth on a bone! I thought I had picked the bone out after I heard my tooth crunch but later checking, I was not able to locate it. My only thought is that I probably ingested it, so the "evidence" is no longer available. I visited the restaurant after this incident happened, wrote down the incident for them on paper. Was told by a manager that the store manager would call me soon and haven't heard anything yet (this happened yesterday so giving them a bit more time). I am very upset that my tooth is broken. I am grateful that it is not painful, meaning it didn't go down to the root of my tooth. It is however, very sharp and scraping against my tongue so it's painful in that sense. I am shocked that I would find a bone in my burger and when I was at the store location, I was made to feel that because I didn't have the bone available to view, that I was thought to be lying. I surely was not. I have a dentist's appointment today to fix the tooth but I am really upset that none of my other teeth had chips, and then all of the sudden I eat a burger from McDonalds and now I am suffering permanent damage. My insurance will probably cover the damages but, I'm concerned that if the repair work were to fall out over the years, is that going to have to come out of my pocket/or my insurance or do I have legal ramifications to ask them to pay for it years down the road. Ultimately, I think there should be some type of monetary compensation for this because this tooth could end up being something that needs repairing in the future as well. I want to know if I should pursue taking legal action against McDonalds and what would be my gain from doing so.