Well here's my situation, I'm 19 living with my parents still I don't work and won't probably find one anytime soon so I don't have any sort of income or assets, most of the stuff in the house belongs to my parents the only thing I own is a computer which I built myself a bed and a TV which which don't worth more than 2000 dollars. I don't receive any payments from the government for being on a dole so recently I received a letter from a debt collector saying they want the money which is apparently $2541 which was money for my studies (youth allowance) but when I drop out of school I didn't report to them. So now they demand that money within seven days, as I said I have no income to pay that of so I sent a letter stating that I have no assets or any sort of income and that I'm living off my parents at the moment and that once I find a job I would build the money up to pay them back. So is there a chance I will get sued? If I do how do I prove that I'm judgment proof, I don't know what to say in court either and I can't afford a lawyer. Any advice would be appreciate.